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            Signal Relay
            Power Relay
            Automotive Relay

            Ningbo Ronway Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd. is specialized in development, production and sales of relay. The company is professional in mainly three categories of Signal Relay, Power Relay and Automobile Relay ¨Ctotally over twenty models and thousands of specifications are widely applied in telecommunications, automobile, household appliance, automatic control,etc.

            Owing to its sophisticated automatic production facility, powerful technological strength and highly qualified team,its products have gained good reputation home and abroad.

            By adhering to ¡°quality -first, customer ¨Coriented¡± concept, along with its long term vision of expanding its global reach while maintaining its presence and competitiveness in China, the company is aiming to achieve a steady growth as it sticks to the strategy of brand operation and makes constant breakthrough with its cutting edge technology.

            Copyright © Ningbo Ronway Electrical Appliances Co.,LTD
            88# Bangxing Road, Maoshan Industrial Zone,Jiangshan, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
            Tel: +86-574-83011707 Fax: +86-574-83011807
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