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            Signal Relay
            Power Relay
            Automotive Relay
            Ningbo Ronway Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd. "Ronway" brand is a global relay agent to establish a formal system, the company with reference to international sales of the major pieces of well-known strength model, based on mutual benefit and common development principles. Recruitment companies are facing around the agents around.

            Acting principles:

            1, strictly control the number of regional agents, headquarters in line with the principle of the development of a stronger one, in an agent is not the development of other agents within the region. (Premise agent for only "Ronway" relays)

            2, agents must constantly communicate with the company's headquarters in order to ensure the flow of information to facilitate new product development agents to the headquarters once a year with the company signed a strategic cooperation intent and tasks.
            3, in the agent company's headquarters in the region not involved in direct sales, the company will to a certain extent to assist the sales agents to complete the task.

            4, in order to protect the interests of all the agents, the headquarters agent FALSIFYING strict control over the phenomenon, the implementation of real-name customers for the agent's record and strictly confidential.
            Copyright © Ningbo Ronway Electrical Appliances Co.,LTD
            88# Bangxing Road, Maoshan Industrial Zone,Jiangshan, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
            Tel: +86-574-83011707 Fax: +86-574-83011807
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