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            Signal Relay
            Power Relay
            Automotive Relay
            Common Failure Relay

            Failure phenomenon

            Failure Mode




            Relay is not action


            Coil-side no-voltage

            Supply line circuit

            Circuit wiring errors

            Circuit wiring short-circuit

            Foot welding leads to bad


            Coil terminal voltage less than

            Power Supply Voltage Low

            Power cord is too long

            Select size high-voltage relays

            Coil unreasonable

            Welding bad

            Coil break


            Relay does not release

            Coil terminal voltage is too high residual

            Coil-side there are other components of energy storage

            Youlou coil current or bypass current

            The remaining high-voltage semiconductor circuits



            Relay instability

            Power instability

            Too Ripple Power Supply


            Relay parameter instability

            Dropped or subjected to strong shocks

            Winding inter-turn short circuit

            Relay malfunction

            Control program is incorrect

            Excessive use of environmental vibration



            Contact Adhesive


            The load is too large

            Inrush current is too large

            Contact abnormal jitter

            External vibrations

            Relay instability

            Relay frequency is too high


            The ambient temperature is too high

            Relay service life expires



            Contact is not closed

            Contact resistance is too large

            Welding bad

            Contacts between the foreign body

            The use of a bad environment, contact oxidation or sulfide

            No current contact terminal

            Load circuit breaker

            Circuit wiring fault or short-circuit

            Welding bad foot print

            Relay life


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