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            Signal Relay
            Power Relay
            Automotive Relay
            Relay with international standards

            UL mark is the Underwriter's Laboratories lnc an abbreviation of the United States Fire Insurance Industry Federation in 1984 to establish a non-profit organizations.
            Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (Underwriter's Laboratories lnc following abbreviated as UL) has published for each area of production safety standards and norms, including in the prevention of crime, explosion prevention, automatic control, chemical safety, electrical safety, fire and combustible gases and oil fields. Manufacturer's requirements should also be tested. UL Another part of the work is released products have passed the test directory listing in order to provide convenience for the user. UL safety standards established by the assumption that almost any kind of situation that may arise, and when a product is being used, and in a very large extent been strictly confirmed. UL marks reflected in the authority and reliability is extremely high, in the United States the vast majority of states and cities, there is no UL mark product sales are subject to legal control; even in the states was not a requirement, these products appear to be confined can serve as second-class cargo handling

            CSA Standard
            CSA Canadian Standards Association Canadian Standards Association) stands for, which was established in Canada, the standard commercially available industrial products, in addition to these features, in electronic products, CSA is a master of power institutions in order to identify whether these products with the standards. CSA to maintain the government and the people of the greatest trust and power, almost all Canadian provinces have established the institution, the implementation of enacted laws and regulations take effect. In order to sell electrical products in the province will be subject to CSA approval. Therefore we can say, from Japan's exports to Canada must accept the CSA approved electrical products and displays CSA mark, or else these products are not legally recognized.


            VDE Standard
            By the German Electrical and Technology Association (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) the establishment of electrical test center called VDE-Pruf-stelle. VDE be used as an abbreviation of the electrical testing center. VDE Since its inception in 1893 has been 100 years (the original 80 years) history. In case of electrical equipment has not passed VDE, such a device can be freely sold in Germany, but when some kind of electronic equipment caused by a fatal electric shock or fire when the German law will play a role. If the product has passed VDE approved, the parties will be exempt bear criminal responsibility for the accident. If this is not the case, the parties to the accident, will bear criminal responsibility, so VDE is an absolute standard, and with UL, CSA and other standards around the world together as a very high safety standards are included in the hierarchy.

            SEV standards
            In order to test electrical products and components in 1903 created a civil society organizations. Since 1954, those standards are approved by the Government of Switzerland has been operating in Switzerland, without the SEV (Schweizerischer Electrotechischer Verein) approved electrical products and components are illegal.
            In order to prevent the boiler accident, the German boiler manufacturer alliance founded in 1875 by an independent non-profit organizations. West Germany at that time 11 states have generally used a separate test equipment.
            TUV (Technischer uberwschungsverein) on plant and equipment, carried out extensive tests, usually, according to government requirements. Also according to VDE standards require testing and validation of electrical products.
            TUV recognized throughout the country effectively, rather than received by the state in which nothing to do, and has the same authority with the VDE approved. Omron products recognized by TUVRhineland. TUV approved tag using the two kinds of types: the first marker as shown above, is the equipment used; other marks are spare parts for equipment used. January 1, 1990 onwards has also adopted a new tag.
            TUV approved tag is displayed freely chosen.

            LR Standard
            LR standard is published in London, Lloyd's Register, all LR Omron control devices are recognized as UMS Marine. (UMS is a Lloyd's Register of unmanned aircraft cabin ship classification).
            Unlike UL and other safety standards, UL standards are on board to test the actual work environment, marine equipment.
            On the LR product is not authorized to impose tag. However, Lloyd's Register approved the publication of the annual product catalog.

            TV Standard (LU / CSA)
            Because the U.S. television sets (TVs) fire accident, as a turning point, from the 1970 oil tankers adopted by UL to implement the new requirements of corresponding switches. CSA has also come into effect from 1971, almost the same with the new requirements of UL. TV on the use of the switch in its housing materials required automatic fire-extinguishing characteristics 94VE-0, that is, the use of non-combustible materials, with at least 180 seconds of anti-arcing capability. In addition to this point, you want to control hole size to less than a fixed number, and the contact part of the load must be incandescent light capability, including the capability of instability starting current, through this control switch, for example, marked as TV-5 , and called the TV-rated switch.
            TV-rated switch to these standards include the request of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL12780 (radio receivers, audio systems and accessories) and UL1410 (TV receivers and video products), in which the receiving equipment used within the switch will serve as a Power Supply circuit control switches. Similarly, in the CSA, the standard is CSA C22, Z, No.1 for the power control of radio, television and electronic equipment on top. In addition to radio and television receiving equipment, of course, these standards also apply to the amplifier, camera, transceiver, phonographs, tape recorders and home use than other similar devices. Note that when the switch current rating taken as 1, the device starting current is less than 21, do not need to use TV-rated switch, the switch can be used currently in use. Also note that, including television sets, tape recorders VTRs) and audio equipment, including equipment, must be provided in the power circuit used in switching devices through TV standards. In the switch as a load test using tungsten, and tungsten lamp features alone determine.

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